Zero bullshit, 100% transparency

With LE TUBE, no false promises or green marketing arguments. Health, well-being and transparency are our top priorities.

Here, we promise to be honest and transparent right to the end of the tube!

High-quality products

With LE TUBE, forget the compromise between naturalness and efficiency! We only use natural quality products and active ingredients with laboratory-proven effectiveness. All our formulas are unique and exclusive to us.

From the vegetable and organic base to the active ingredients in significant proportions, including aromas and even sweeteners, we make no compromises and select the best ingredients.

Teeth are important, let's be demanding!

Fun for all

With three fresh and original fragrances, LE TUBE makes brushing your teeth a real pleasure! Our toothpastes are recommended for children and pregnant women. Fun for all, with your eyes closed!

More than "Natural", our tubes are certified organic.

If only one cosmetic has to be organic, it's the one we put in our mouths every day! Made from natural ingredients and organically grown, LE TUBE toothpastes are healthy for you and the environment. The COSMOS ORGANIC certification reviews all our ingredients, suppliers and even our packaging! This certification guarantees traceability and respect for the environment. 

Of course, we have also removed all controversial ingredients. See our blacklist.

A French and eco-friendly production

LE TUBE is a French company that manufactures and packages its toothpastes in the south of France. The top-of-the-range toothpaste was born, and it is "made in Var"! 

Our tubes are made of aluminium and not plastic for a product that can be recycled ad infinitum everywhere in France in the sorting bins with the cans. So think about sorting!