Brushing: How to last two minutes? Care and sound!

Brushing. How do you keep it up that long?

You have to brush your teeth twice a day and for at least 2 minutes, but the French average is 43 seconds... ^^

We're not throwing stones at you! 43 seconds is already long and boring, especially if your feet get cold on the tile. 

So, how do you last 2 minutes?

1- Brush your teeth in the shower. Yes, it's possible and allowed! For example, during a hair mask or facial. 

2 - At full tubes! We have prepared two "playlists" for you. A playlist of songs that are two minutes long and for the motivated brushers a playlist of songs that are three minutes long. 

Here they are ! Click on your favourite application (Deezer 🇫🇷 or Spotify). 👇


If you are unable to click on the images:
Spotify link: here
Deezer link: here

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